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The 2018 Route 66 Shootout is OPEN for registration:


Lincoln FC has several awesome local sponsors, check them out when you're in town! The link to all of our sponsors is under the "documents" tab!

 Route 66 Shootout Information For Registered Teams

Our complex address is 639 Malerich Drive in Lincoln.  We are located directly behind Wal Mart.  This year some games are also being held at the Lincoln Community High School practice soccer field.  This address is 1000 Railer Way (1000 Primm Rd), Lincoln.

 There are copies of all necessary forms under the "Documents" tab on our website


1. IYSA concussion form 

2. Official State or US Club Roster (you can print this off gotsoccer)(we keep a copy)

3. IYSA Medical Release forms for each player (we keep a copy of each medical release)

4. Official Tournament Roster (including guest players) (we keep a copy)

5. State-Approved Guest Player forms (if necessary) (we keep a copy)

6. Form NT for non-IYSA/US Youth Soccer teams (out of state teams only)

7. USYSA Permission to Travel (out of state teams only)

PLEASE make sure you have ALL player and coach passes for check in, and for each game played to check in with the field marshals. 

There will be NO COPIER on site, so please bring all necessary copies with you to check in.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL GUEST PLAYERS MUST MATCH THE TEAM ASSOCIATION.  (IYSA players can guest for IYSA teams.  US Club players can guest for US Club teams.  US Club players CANNOT guest play for IYSA teams without an IYSA pass, and vice versa.) 

The Rules for the 2017 Route 66 Shootout can be found here: 66 Shootout Tournament Rules 2017.doc

The tournament rules can also be found on the Route 66 tourney listing on


Check-in to present player cards, medical releases, and rosters ? 5:00 p.m. ? 7:00 p.m. at the Tourney HQ TENT at the Lincoln FC Soccer Complex, 639 Malerich Drive, Lincoln, IL  62656. We will hold limited bracket games on Friday if needed. 

Check-in to present player cards, medical releases, and rosters

7:00 am --1 PM at the TOURNEY HQ TENT at the Lincoln FC Soccer Complex, 639 Malerich Drive, Lincoln, IL  62656 (teams must check in one hour before 1st game).

Bracket games for all age groups.

Bracket games for all age groups.  Semi finals and finals in some brackets.

Lincoln FC Soccer Complex
639 Malerich Drive
Lincoln, IL  62656

Tim Stuckey, [email protected]

 There is no fee for parking.  The fee listed on gotsoccer is the total entry fee for your team.  Our complex offers parking right next to the fields, several fast food restaurants and hotels are within 1 mile of our complex, which is also just 1 mile from I-55 and I-155

If you have any questions regarding our tournament, please email [email protected].


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