Lincoln FC

The competitive soccer club in Lincoln, Illinois

Annual Soccer Camp in Pignon, Haiti

In June of 2016, thanks to the generous donations of our soccer families involved with Lincoln FC, Coach Stuckey traveled with a group of people from Jefferson Street Christian Church to Pignon, Haiti.  While there, Coach Stuckey and a few of the team members put on a soccer camp for 50 young people who belong to "Zanmi Kris Yo" church in Pignon.  Everyone who attended camp received a t-shirt, soccer ball, and was fed each day after camp was over.  The camp was the first of its kind in Pignon, and everyone involved wanted to make it an annual event.  

In 2017, we added more children to the camp, including running a camp specifically for girls!  It was an amazing experience for the 75 people who attended.  It costs just $30 to send a player to camp.  For $30, one player will get a ball, tshirt, and a meal each day after camp.  Please contact coach Stuckey ([email protected]) if you're interested in sponsoring a player.

At our upcoming Route 66 shootout (September 15-17), we will have a tent with information and also a couple of neat raffles and other items for sale to help cover the costs of the camp.